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          2. Off The Hook Yacht Sales, LLC

            About Us

            Who Are We?

            Jason Ruegg opened Off The Hook Yacht Sales, LLC, in 2012, combining his expertise and knowledge in business and marketing with a passion and enthusiasm for boating. The inspiration behind creating this company was to provide a premier service above the competition for all of our clients in the selling, purchase, and/or trade of their boats. We continuously strive to build strong relationships with clients based on exceptional customer service and support.  Our goal is to provide customers with a professional and reputable boat brokerage that offers utmost integrity and dependability creating lasting customer relationships.

            • The #1 Choice for Wholesaling
            • Most Aggressive Internet Marketing In the Industry
            • Quickest Turn-Around of Inventory in the Industry
            • We Pay Top Dollar For Used Boats

            Contact Us Today!

            Contact Us

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